Sunday, December 20, 2009


Better late than never. Well,with this statement in mind, I finally decided to dive into the ocean of bloggers. Never much of a writer, I am trying out my hand in this field as well. Typical of a jack of all trade, master of none. But when you finally decide to write, the first thought that comes to mind is- what the hell am I supposed to write about?? There isn't any lack of topics really, ranging from article 377 to world peace. But I suppose when you are writing your first blog, it should be about something you have always wondered about. So, keeping this in mind, I begin my journey...
Now you don't have to be a genius to guess which is the topic most talked about after a peg with your friend.Yup..its mainly about the X's and the so called"better-half". No disrespect to the ladies, top the charts!! But the question here is, what makes one open up his personal life to a friend, he may not be knowing for long? The probable answer that comes to mind is trust. But here comes the scenario of the paradox. Is it the trust that makes you sit together for a drink or is it that you trust him because he is accompanying you...
Now if you ask me, many guys may have had great friends, where the first real interaction has taken place in a pub or restaurant. To me, this is the "male dating" in finding a friend. Dont get me wrong. I guess this has been a way to judge and see how comfortable you are sharing stuff and interacting with him. Some conversations better be talked in a sober state of mind. I guess no one really tells all truth in such a scenario, but its upto you only to decide to what level you want to interact.
Anyways,perception varies from people to people. This is a short and very confusing article I am posting. But i guess if you think, somewhere down the line, you may associate yourself with such a friend like I described. I promise to write something meaningful from the next time onwards..till den..cheers!!


  1. nice start...looking forward for other posts....

  2. Wowwww never saw this side of you before your should write more often :)